Nakoa Ant-Man ( Tama )

I could not be more happy with my dog Tama. He is a big handsome dog with a sweet and gentle nature. Tama is very aware of a social dynamic and fits himself in perfectly. He has been the reluctant start of a five year old girls birthday party, using his body as a shield to block the path of another excited dog from running over my three year old son, he sits quietly in the background at  Adult BBQ’s, but goes bananas with his four legged mates running around the dog park. He is eager to please me and very good at anticipating what I require of him. He has a fair even temperament and a quiet dignity. I feel privileged to have become the master of this dog.


Mat Jorgensen

Nakoa Arrow ( Franklin )

Theres nothing but good things to be said about Nakoa. From the very first moment I contacted Jannaya I could tell finding the right home for her dogs was paramount to her. 

We were not the most convenient candidates as we lived a good distance apart and meeting them and their dogs was not possible for us, however something that could have been a headache was certainly a walk in the park for us.


Nakoa went above and beyond to make it work and we were able to form a really good friendship through regular phone calls and emails. Nakoa made the arrangements for flight and travel leaving us with no hassle but picking our gorgeous boy up from the airport, Because of that we were lucky enough to add Franklin to our family, we could not rave about this boy more. 


Franklins temperament is unlike any other! He's our family protector, guardian and all round gentle giant. Our daughter 6months at the time was our number 1 concern with bringing a 'big' robust pup into the home, but like everything else Franklin exceeded our expectations, he was always aware of her capabilities and showed a more delicate side when he was around her, they have the most amazing bond and have been inseparable since.


Jannaya has always made herself readily available for any questions I've had about franklin, she has a wealth of knowledge and is always a phone call or message away. Our family could not be more thankful for Nakoa for everything they have done in supporting our journey.

Sam Fenwick

Nakoa Aztar

We obtained our male Cane Corso (Aztar) from Jannaya and Ali at Nakoa Cane Corso Kennels two years ago.


After having decided after a lot of research that a well breed Cane Corso might be the ideal dog breed for our family and needs we set about the task of trying to establish if there were any reputable breeders in NZ. We were a bit dismayed at first to find that there were only two options, as we felt that the lack of options may translate to a compromise in quality. Having owned dogs for 20 plus years it was very important for us as discerning owners that we obtained a pup that was not only a good physical representation of the breed standard, but also of a very stable and sound temperament. The latter being particularly important seeing as we have a very full house with lots of people coming and going, and also have a severe special needs teenage daughter. 


After having received a very good third party character reference as to Jannayas personal integrity, we phoned Nakoa Kennals and were very impressed with Jannayas knowledge, honesty, and helpfulness. This lead to a visit at Nakoa Kennals and we came away extremely impressed with both Jannaya’s commitment as a breeder, and also the quality and temperament of her dogs. This ultimately resulted in us purchasing our pup Aztar. After two years of ownership there is a lot that I could write about all the individual circumstances and situations that have seen us continually impressed with both our dog and also the support we have received from Jannaya. But doing that would see this review become far too long. So I will just sum it all by saying that we think we may actually have managed to obtain the perfect dog from a perfect breeder! And Jannaya is more than welcome to send anyone our way who may want more information.


One thing I will just add in closing -  I think it is important to realize (for anyone reading this who may be considering getting a pup from Nakoa Kennals)  that this review has not been written on the spur of the moment by someone freshly besotted with a new pup. But rather it has been written long after the “ honeymoon” period of owning a new pup has passed. Aztar is now a fully mature adult male dog and continues to impress both us and virtually everybody he meets. And we are still nothing but impressed with all the contact and support we have had from Jannaya.


Gavin & Rebecca McEwen

Nakoa Atlanta ( Ida )

We are extremely happy with our girl Ida who we purchased from Jannaya and Ali over two years ago. Ida has been an absolute breeze to own and has always picked things up extreamly quick. Ida is a loving girl who has an outstanding temperament she loves playing and meeting new friends and definitely knows when someone does and doesn't belong on our property. She loves our cat Marlin and is usually found with her head through the cat door waiting for him to come play. Jannaya and Ali have been nothing but amazing since the purchase of our girl. What started as Ida's breeders has ended in a life long friendship.

Gail Rampton

Nakoa Coco

We welcomed Coco into our home when she was four months old (she is now almost eight months old), and she has been an absolute joy. She has us all wrapped around her little paws with her ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ eyes (all of us includes two Ragdoll cats and a two year old Dogue de Bordeaux!), and amazingly cuddly and gentle temperament. As with our DDB, Lincoln, we undertook a lot of research first into the Cane Corso breed, and decided a girl would fit well into our four legged family. 


Jannaya was incredibly patient and understanding of our dithering and questions prior to finally meeting Coco, and it was obvious that it was as important to her as it was to us that we were happy with our decision. 


I was, and still am, completely (and delightfully) dumbfounded by Jannaya’s welcoming of us into her home, where we spent several hours chatting, and getting to know Coco, getting to know more about the breed, meeting her other two and four legged family members – all of which made us feel as we had known them for years. Jannaya’s (and her entire family’s) professionalism, obvious integrity, and warmth was amazing, and made us feel confident and supported – with this support and follow up being continued over the months Coco has been with us. 


For anyone considering a Cane Corso, we would strongly, without question, recommend Nakoa Cane Corso Kennels. 


As for Coco - she is already my little protector, always (when feasible) by my side; gives Lincoln a bit of a ‘take it easy’ nudge when his play with me gets too excitable, and along with her mischievous, confident and determined 

nature, remains wonderfully tolerant of the cats using her as a pillow or stepping stool!


Kathy Phillips

Nakoa Casualty Of Love ( Cassie )

Paul and I have known Jannaya for the last 4 years. In that time we have seen her go from strength to strength with her breeding programme. She is an extremely dedicated, honest and conscientious breeder who doesn't like to leave anything to chance. When we inquired about obtaining a puppy, we found Jannaya to be very professional and knowledgeable.


The importing process was made extremely easy and when our puppy arrived she had brought presents with her (which was a lovely surprise). When released to us at the airport, Nakoa Casualty of Love (Cassie), was very well balanced. The flight from New Zealand had not phased her at all. She is a very confident girl with a lot of attitude who we could tell straight away had been extremely well bred. I would recommend Nakoa Cane Corso in a heart beat.


Paul & Sue Douglas

Teodoracorso Kennel Australia

Nakoa Crusher ( Herb )

Right from our initial inquiry Jannaya was easy going and happy to answer all our questions. It was clear from the onset that she is passionate about her role as a breeder and the well-being and health of her dogs. Her commitment to pairing her dogs to suitable homes is commendable.


As for our dog it was clear that he had been well loved, cared for and socialised. Training him has been a breeze and he is a much loved addition to our family. He is thriving and this can be attributed to the care and excellent breeding from Nakoa, and regular check ins to see how our little man is getting on.


We highly recommend Nakoa and the fantastic Cane Corso !

Anique Williams

Nakoa Chasing Dreams ( Rome )

Wow! What a privilege to own a beautiful dog from Nakoa. 


My boy, Rome, is 7 months old. As I write this he is lying on/crushing my legs. He is the most beautiful, well behaved pup, with the best temperament. He has fitted in so well at home with his older sister Grace, and the coming and going of friends and family. At the beach all he wants to do is make new friends and play with all the other dogs! 


Jannaya was been an absolute breeze to deal with, from my first enquiry right through to Rome’s airline delivery (he was flown from the North Island down to Dunedin). He arrived bright and happy. 


From the get go, Jannaya has always been very quick to answer all of my queries with the correct information. This gave me full confidence that she would match the right dog to my needs. Her love and passion for the breed is clear, with her ongoing care and regular checkups to ensure how he is doing settling into his forever home with me. 


I’m sure that her support will be ongoing and that our friendship will grow for years to come. 


If you are interested in a Cane Corso, I would highly recommend getting in contact with Nakoa, and finding out for yourself why Nakoa are the most reputable breeders in New Zealand.

Jackson Free