Nakoa Kennels is located on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, in the region of Taranaki.  

We have a small family-run Kennel based on our 6 acre family property overlooking the ocean. 

We have three young children, aged 9, 7 & 5, who all play a huge roll in the raising and training of all our puppies and dogs.

All our dogs are raised in our home.

They have free run of big paddocks on our property during the day, and have the freedom to run around as much as they like.  At night time, they sleep in their respective crates inside with us.

(left) - Our daughter Zarabella (4) with her best friends Euphoria and puppies.  (below) - asleep with Teodoracorso Venus after she had tucked her in for the night..


To raise the standard of the Cane Corso on this side of the world and to responsibly breed good quality healthy Corso's with correct conformation and stable temperaments in accordance with the FCI ( Italian ) breed standard specifications.

Above Nakoa Arlo and Nakoa Atlanta 
enjoying some time together at the beach.